First month and a half ever playing lacrosse, like ever and I’m in college. Are these stats decent or no?

Considering that the majority of your fellow D3 goalies have likely been playing since middle school or before, you are doing the best you can.

One thing worth noting is that your defense does seem to be allowing more shots on-goal than some other teams with low save percentages, so that is a factor. This could be because your defense is just plain bad, but your inexperience talking from the cage is certainly a factor. As the goalie you are the captain of the defense, and it's your job to talk ALL GAME and keep them aware of the situation. Learning things like who has first slide, etc will come in time, but if you aren't at least screaming the location of the ball (BALL'S TOP RIGHT, BALL'S AT X, etc) all game then start doing that.

If your program has a dedicated defense/goalie coach then try to work with them as much as possible to work on your communication. You are supposed to be the last line of defense and if a lot of shots are 1v1 like you're saying then your defense needs to step it up.

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