First perfect Killer game. No gens done. That felt good.

It gets even better. Check THIS out. (From the post I just made.) People who abuse the “safe” spot in the memorial institute. (In the mobile version only I’m assuming?) STOP. PLEASE.

Listen guys. If you saw my perfect legion game post where there was that one guy who waited 2 minutes instead of letting me hook him. Put that in your mind. Got it? Good. Imagine that. BUT... FOR... 50... GODDAMN MINUTES.... yes. I just had a game where the exact same thing happened but for 50 minutes. 50!!!!! I was too scared to move from that spot just in case he found the hatch but instead I found it. AFTER... 50 MINUTES OF NOTHING HAPPENING.... I closed it. AND GOD... how satisfying it was to see him run out of time then die. Holy god do I wish that I’d never have to do that again.

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