First person pov of 700 from 5 feet where it landed!

Guess my relative got lucky. He was jumped shortly after arrival (pretty sure he fell for some oversea money scheme) and got dragged into a run-down building not far from the airport, like a warehouse. He was interrogated by 4 heavily-armed soldiers in army uniforms. Wasn't cooperative with their questions so they gagged him, tied his hands and feet and threw him in the back of a pickup truck before driving to an unclosed destination.

My relative honestly thought he was dead - and he was kicking himself not struggling more (hard when you have assault rifles pointed in your face). They left him in an abandoned prison in the middle of nowhere... the kind where they sent prisoners they wanted to forget. He was the only "inmate" there; once a day an old man from the nearby village would come by to give food and water. But because the old man kept coming to check on him, he felt optimistic - the day he stopped coming, he knew he was dead. Never so happy to hear loud humming in Arabic and the bleating of the man's pet goat down the road.

Sure enough, "a settlement was reached" after INTERPOL got involved and my relative was eventually released. He refuses to ever travel internationally again.

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