First poster for 'The Matrix Resurrections'

Secondly, “normal people”? Do you even read what you send on here? The fact you don’t see it as problematic to view cishet couples as normal and the rest as abnormalities is fucked. Seeing gay couples kiss is not abnormal.

Not what I meant by normal, but what the creators invisioned when they made the film. Does Hollywood make an actual good film that was written in such a way? No, not really. The best so far was Black Panther, which was made to be a film starring black people instead of white people, and it was good, because it wasn't forced

What political reasons would there be? Is The Force Awakens secretly trying to sway elections by putting a lesbian couple in the background?

Money, and being woke, and causing controversy. I mean, is it that hard to figure out? Like, do you really fucking thing they give a shit about lesbians by putting a 1 second lesbian kiss in the background of a Star Wars movie? That's so fucking halfhearted and pathetic of an attempt. And that's not even an example of what I mean, because it's just two girls kissing in the background.

Well, the vast majority of people who are bothered by a lesbian couple in a movie or a shot of women standing together are typically sexist a

I've literally never made a fuss about it, I'm simply stating that I hate when characters or scenes are shoehorned into a film to be "woke" for no reason other than that.

How would you feel if a solid movie about some gay or trans lovers had a scene of straight couples included just so the movie wasn't "too gay"? Do you not see my point? The art should be what it was made to be, not effected by outside opinion or politics, unless, of course, that's the point, which it clearly isn't in most of these films.

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