The first reward was a set of potions from him, he lead them to the underground of the city when they needed a letter translated, he even offered to make them drugs on the down low but not a single question about him. They engaged with his father more than him and I wrote next to nothing on him.

I didn't want to make it obvious by making him sound off or act weird because 2 of the people are LGBT but I tried to have him a interesting as possible.

Why is he employed by the Knights and makes things for them for free? What's up with the Metal Griffin Claw he uses as a weapon? How did he know about the Criminal areas of the city and who the party could go to for translating a letter written in Thieves Cant? Why does he know how to make drugs and is even profiting off of it and yet no one comes after him for it. Why has he been with the Noble with his weapon every time they've met with the Noble?

Just stuff like that and the literal only thing I've got from the players is. "Huh, he's here. Okay."

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