First Speeding Ticket (Requesting Advice)

Just got my first ever speeding ticket and I'm in need of some advice. I was driving an 85 in a 65 zone on I-81 S in NY. I told the officer that I realized I had sped, thinking honesty is the best policy (though I've been reading that it's never wise to admit such things).

I may be in the minority, but I always admit to it for things like speeding. You are never going to win a he said, she said with the cops in the case of speeding, and I have found being respectful and not lying can get you out of tickets.

Now on to your questions:

1) This website is usually fairly reliable. This also lists the fines for speeding. It is possible that the fines still vary, so you might want to look up the city or county where you were ticketed by googling "[county/city] NY speeding fines."

2) That is consistent with the website I linked, so it seems reasonable.

3) It looks like they stay on for 18 months. The implications are that you can get your license suspended, increased fines, or mandatory driving classes if you accumulate too many points.

4) Something like that does appear to exist.

5) That depends on you and what you value. I would just plead guilty (or nolo, if that is allowed in NY). If you can't pay the fines, or afford increased insurance, it may be worth talking to an attorney.

6) What do you mean you are not covered? If you were driving their car, it may be possible that their insurance will go up, but I doubt it. Usually, tickets follow the driver so your insurance (if you have it) would go up. There may be implications for your parents insurance if they are supposed to have you on the policy because, for example, you are the primary driver of the car.

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