The first Stalker 2 trailer is a target render and the 2021 release date has disappeared

Alien isolation developed one of the most ingenious solutions for this problem.

The alien actually has two AI brains essentially. One knows everything about the player's location, actions etc. But that brain doesn't control the alien.

Instead another AI actively controls the alien and has no information about the environment beyond what it has personally encountered. It essentially moves around at random and overtime the omniscient AI feeds it information. The twist is that over time the omniscient ai is allowed to feed snippets of information to the AI tasked with interacting with the environment.

Spend most of your time hiding in lockers? Well the Alien AI that knows that is eventually allowed to feed that information to the AI that is looking for you. The only way to work around this mechanic is to constantly vary your strategies and actions.

It contributes to an amazingly organic experience where there is little in the way of scripted patrol path and sequences and instead you really feel like the alien is learning and trying to anticipate your behavior.

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