At first I thought this was an April Fool's joke, but nope, its actually Ontario's new campaign against sexual violence and it is the most biased commercial I have ever seen in my life. See for yourselves. (1:00)(x-post from r/MensRights)

Are we actually treating TLC's Bridezilla's like Exhibit A in a slam-dunk case? While it is completely disguising to portray abuse-like situations on TV like that, you all realize Bridezilla;

a) was produced by TLC, a channel known for having very little to do with learning anymore.

b) a reality television show? Not exactly representative of real life, i.e. Dog the Bounty Hunter, Gypsy Weddings, Jon & Kate, etc. Behind the camera, how do we know conclusively there isn't a producer going "yeah, dig into him a little more! Viewers will love you!"

c) had an episode featuring two gay males? On that note, where are the gay and lesbian couples facing abuse in the new Ontario ad? Why aren't we including same-sex couples as victims of abuse? That shit certainly exists.

d) hasn't been on the air since October 2013? In TV world, it's already irrelevant.

e) had a spin-off with the goal of improving the relationships of Bridezillas and their husbands?

Bridezillas had a good share of woman-on-woman problems as well.

I'm sure this was just the first example that popped into your head and we're running with it. Other examples include Teen Mom, where Amber Portwood, who actually got arrested for beating on her baby daddy.

Specific to your comment,

In Western culture men are infantile and women are needed to make sure things run

In the media, yes you have a point here. I can't find the source, but there was an article a while back where ad agencies actually admitted to using the "dumb man saved by smart woman" trope because they felt it is the only one that doesn't get everyone super butthurt. Untrue. It's also harmful, and also a good chunk of these ads are a back-handed way of saying "silly man, only a woman knows how to properly (domestic duty here)!"

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