First time im really taking steps to quit

Rarely an addicted friend or acquaintance will admit that he is an addict or that weed makes you addicted. Especially in 2019 when in most parts of the world is being legalized and being accepted by the majority of people. It's an industry like any other and the ones that are controlling it saw the big money potential in it and will do everything they can do get it on every corner of the world, just like they did with alcohol and cigarettes. With time more and more studies will come about it's damaging potential and even with that it will be to late for the majority who will abuse it just like they abuse alcohol and cigarettes. This things are made to gave you addiction to them because if you only smoked it once a year without any side effects, nobody would have to benefit from it instead of you. And trust me, nobody wants that, and nobody cares about your own well being, except you, and maybe your family, in some cases not even them.
You are very courageous because you are asking for help and i strongly advise you to do it, because you say you started at a very young age. I don't want to scare you and the possibility is rare, but some studies show that smoking it abusively before you are 20 years old when the brain is fully grown, you can take a hit and lose to almost 6 IQ points. It's rare, it's a study but it's made by credible sources and i have seen it more and more. You are young, you have your whole life a head of you and there will be always time to smoke a joint once a year with your buddies or even alone, when you will be able to know that abusing things like this can damage you heavily.
You made the first step, coming here and telling us your story and asking for help. Be motivated there are a lot of great things in life and weed has nothing to do with them, it's just something made like other things, to distract you from the real things that are important. And a little distraction is very good from now and then, but not every day and not abusively until you transform into an vegetable that can't live without that distraction.
You will feel like shit a couple of days, weeks and maybe months, depends on how much you abused it, but trust me it will go after and it's nothing you can't handle, and it's nothing compared to some other addictions that we may encounter in this life or that are on the "market".
Good luck and be strong, you can do it!

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