First time posting. I'm due to have first baby in 2 weeks, we reach final straw with JNMIL over vaccines and actually call her out for the first time. Imgur link to text conversation with JNMIL in comments.

JFC. Honestly, I think both you and DH have made enough effort to try and get a simple answer out of her.

If she hasn’t already replied to your last message- I think DH should send one last response... something to the effect of:

“Mom, OP and I have discussed how we want to go forward in respect to allowing you and sfil to meet the baby. We have decided that since you cannot give a simple answer to a simple request, and one that we have made very clear multiple times, that we will no longer be in contact with you. Please do not try and contact us, show up at the hospital, show up in announced at our home, or attempt to change our minds. We have already given you more than enough opportunities to decide how you would like to respect our decision to not allow anyone to meet our baby unless they have been vaccinated or are willing to meet baby under specific circumstances (this needs work, maybe someone else can rework this so it is clearer).

When we are ready to allow you into our child’s life, we will reach out. And when we do we expect all of our parenting decisions to be respected and followed to the letter.


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