First time working with animals, should have probably rented an a7s3, manual focus and dogs is a nightmare lol

You will never land big clients or TV work when this is your attitude. You're also giving yourself way more work than necessary, you've given yourself way more editing to do and you've shot a ridiculous amount of footage, you should be thinking quality over quantity, you have some nice shots in here but they are buried and barely even visible because you don't let them sit long enough to register. There's no story being told here it's just a shit load of footage dumped onto a timeline, a child could do that there's no skill involved. People are giving you valuable honest feedback and you're getting bitchy about it saying "ThAt'S JuSt mY sTyLe" there are general rules to live by in editing and they exist for a reason, sure you can break them when necessary but this is not it, you're cutting up a short video of a dogshow like it's a Jason Bourne movie.

You're defending it just because your client likes it too, I think most professional will tell you most clients either don't know wtf they're talking about or in a lot of cases they don't actually give a fuck either, so taking their word as gospel over the feedback of actual professionals is stupid too.

Again, you have some good shots in there just slow it the fuck down, this could have been so much better. Maybe hire an editor and just shoot in future if you're not willing to take on advice and grow, nobody in the business is ever going to hire you for editing work if this is what you're putting out and you're a decent shooter so you're doing yourself a disservice by putting work like this out there.

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