Fitness advice for busy student

I really feel you, with having going to school, getting piled with assignments I find it hard to both find time and get motivated to stay fit. Falling in and out of being fit was recently a common thing for me But considering I intend to study a diploma in fitness once i leave school i find it some what motivation.

If your in no hurry to lose weight i would recommend a somewhat slower approach so your body gets use to your new routine.

Adding green tea into your diet while taking out all sugary drinks such as soft drink, ice tea, juice with added sugar would be a good start. For it is both a detox and speeds up your metabolism. its best taken farthing in the morning and around half an hour before a workout if you want to burn more calories.

Eating is a bigger category which is a lot hard to explain for every body is different. my diet it typically avoiding white carbs such as white bread, rice, starchy potatoes and white pasta while subbing them with brown or wholemeal for they are healthier and easier for your body to digest. Fruit is a great sub for those sugary snacks you crave but remembering not to have to much is important for natural sugar is still sugar which is fuel for the body, recommending fruit as breakfast and a midday snack or before a workout is good while leaning toward protein with the additional carbs (an example being chicken and brown rice) for both dinner and a post workout meal.

If having no time to workout but have assess to internet i found 'Blogalaties' to be a good alternative, with having from 3 minute workouts to 20 minutes, i have gained results from this. That along with the instructors attitude seems to really helps your mindset. it may sound 'gay' as i thought at first, but once into it. i assure you results will be seen. There are videos on eating healthy, healthy recipes, workouts, tips to lose fat, you name it.

I hope this information helps you get you to were you want to be and i wish you the best of luck :)

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