Fix the core problem in Atlas with this one easy trick (The Megatribes HATE it!)

Yeah :-( he is coming across as very narrow minded, and can not see past the imaginary "Mega boogeyman" to really discuss anything that is not already in his current direction. I would understand something more if this was not simply a open world MMO. The game is about politics. You do not have to sell your soul and sell out your way of playing the game if you socialize and make pacts with others... A game should not be forced to cater to one group over another nor punish success.. and his ideas are that... they punish success and cater to only one demographic. The game should appeal to all, and success should not be punished.

There are plenty of companies that even RP now in official PvP that are composed of less than 20 players, they own islands, they stick to who they are, why? Because they played politics and socialized and made friends. Are they now a "MEGA" simply because they are protected or friends of a large group or allied to a single company in the group? No... but according to OP every single person that is in somehow connectd to any large alliance is now a "MEGA" so that 20 man company over there 5 zones away... MEGA!!!... that 15 person company 2 grids over there on the tiny island still RPing how they want... MEGA!!!! Why? because these players decided to play along with their neighbors and be social... imagine that people being social in a MMO. More companies have been wiped by non-mega tribe then anything else... and even more have been wiped by the poor state of the game then any company could ever imagine.

Yet somehow in all of this we get the same old story over and over; "I once heard from a cousins mother sister brother this horrible story of how some MEGA, they were 10ft tall and glowing red eyes and claws like knives and ships that glowed green, they killed every single person, only making guttural growls and humping motions... it was terrible, they murdered every last soul, and put up a parking lot" <-- Half the anti-MEGA shit is pure fantasy, fed by salty tears of failed players, and lil colorful maps depicting said boogie man.

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