Fixing The Blur in Link's Awakening

It really rubs me the wrong way that the video uses the word "fixing", as if the blur is something that is broken or unintended. It seems really disrespectful to a deliberate artistic choice. I totally get not agreeing with a choice like that, but to make art and then have someone say "Oh I can fix that" just seems like a shitty thing to do (I'm probably just a bit sensitive to this as I work in an art field, so perhaps this is irrational).

But I will say... I love the visual choices for this game. The art style is gorgeous and I really dig on the tilt shift style. Not to mention that the soft edges create a natural focal point for your eyes in the center of the screen (although, the original game wasn't designed around this and had a sectioned off map, so perhaps this would be more useful in a different game that took the blue into consideration).

If this game held a solid 60fps then I'd give it a 10/10. But that slow down is just so brutal. I would've rather had a sectioned map if it meant no frame drops.

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