[FL] I believe my neighbor has been vandalizing my mailbox and shooting .22 caliber shots at my house

When you saw the shell casings, did you manage to pick any up? They would have his fingerprints. Regarding the protective order, that isn't up to a cop to dole out; it's up to a judge. You go downtown, you don't need a lawyer, you fill out the form, giving your neighbor's physical description (height/weight/hair color) and detail what has been transpiring. Your house was shot at. A .22 can kill...it's not going to penetrate cinderblock, but it will glass. IDK about you, but if it were me I'd say I would be in fear of my life to a judge, and mean it. Logical deduction tells me that things are escalating. First it's staring at a window...when he said admiring his shingle work, it could be he worked on your roof at some point? Regardless, it went from that, to dead fish, to sitting with a rifle, to shots fired at your house (with a 22). What happens when the big guns come out?

Once a TRO is on order, your neighbor can explain to a judge the coincidence of events, some now on tape, that have transpired since he moved in. Any violation, you call the cops, TRO in hand. It's on them to do something. I hope you have those shell casings.

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