Flag of Fort Bend County, Texas

You're choosing which history to reference, and you're specifically choosing a particular Anglo colonist. Why him? Can you explain that?

I did in my original post.

The flag represents both the native Karakawa people and the colonists sent by Stephen F Austin, which had the cross on his coat of arms.

I believe flags should represent the founding/origin of the place and/or its culture. In this case, the Fort Bend county today traces its history back to the Austin's colonists. But the Karankawa people are also represented as a honor for being the natives.

This is a nice design geometrically. But as a flag of a secular authority, it is a little churchy. There are other local flags and arms in the USA that use crosses, including some pretty cool ones such as Maryland's flag. But you should understand why that's not generally the best choice for a new municipal flag design.

I completely understand why YOU or others who share your opinion don't believe it's the best choice for a new municipal flag design. But I don't agree.

As stated before, I don't believe in changing and/or suppressing history for the sake of political correctness. I know you don't believe that's what it is just as I don't agree with your reasoning

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