Flags of Active Insurgent Groups in South and Central Africa (Mai Mai Kata Katanga, FDLR, Lord's Resistance Army, Nuer White Army, FLEC)

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  1. Mai Mai Kata Katanga (Bakata Katanga) An Insurgent group that operates in the DRC's province of Katanga, it's primary goal is to achieve independence for Katanga. Very little is known about this group, the wikipedia page is only a month old (If anyone else can contribute and help me with the page that would be nice, I'm user AbsolutelyHaram) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katanga_insurgency

  2. FDLR (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda) An Insurgent group that primarily operates in the Eastern DRC, it is composed of Hutu nationalists who committed the Rwandan Genocide. With over 6,000 members it is the most powerful insurgent group active in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Forces_for_the_Liberation_of_Rwanda

  3. Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) Led by the infamous Joseph Kony this group seeks to establish a Christian Theocracy with elements of the Acholi Tradition in areas of South Sudan and Uganda. While the group continues to wage an insurgency from the jungles of Uganda, DRC, South Sudan and CAR, it has become militarily weak and only has a few hundred fighters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord%27s_Resistance_Army_insurgency

4.Nuer White Army (The White Army) A powerful militia that operates in South Sudan, the Nuer White Army is made up of the Nuer people and fights against the mostly ethnically Dinka South Sudanese government in the South Sudanese Cvil War. The militia is known as the white army due to the Nuer practice of smearing one's skin with white ash to protect from insects which also scares and intimidates enemies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Sudanese_Civil_War

5.FLEC (Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda) A small insurgent group that operates in Angola and seeks an independent state for the people of Cabinda. The group is still active to a certain extent and has not disarmed. The conflict has subsided into sporadic violence, but a final peace solution has not been reached. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabinda_conflict

Next I'll be posting Flags for Active Insurgent Groups in North, West and East Africa. I'll proceed in this fashion till we run out of insurgent groups.

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