Flash Wolves vs. Cloud 9 / 2016 World Championship - Group B / Post-Match Discussion

Okay C9. Time to learn how to play around Lee Sin’s early game pressure. And no, this isn’t Meteos fault. Go watch both of TSM’s games so far at world’s. Sven is invading the enemy early game and putting a ton of pressure in the jungle right? Well who is right next to him or pushing his lane in? Bjerg is. Who is not invading with Meteos or doing anything to put pressure on the map? Jensen. C9 is so passive with everyone not named Impact.

Mid lane pressure is the reason that we are seeing so much Lee Sin play at competitive right now, and Jensen (not Meteos) is not up to the task. Now, is Meteos not calling for it? Maybe. Is it the team’s fault as a whole? Maybe. Is it Reapered’s fault for not coaching them on how to use this? Maybe. It’s too hard to tell. But this Lee Sin not working is not strictly Meteos fault.

Sorry, I’m just sick of everyone seeing C9’s Lee not working out and not taking into consideration that high pressure jungles are so incredibly team reliant in competitive and instead they’re just jerking off about Meteos sucking.

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