*Flashbacks to 2017 intensifies*

Oh give me a break and get over yourself.

I have over 1750h in BF2 I’ve been playing since the Beta. If you actually knew what you were talking about you’d know that the whole lootbox thing in BF2 was blown VASTLY out of proportion, and the minuscule differences you could achieve from stuff in them barely made a difference on gameplay.

Despite all that, it was scrapped fast and that game has been gaining a steady influx of players since launch, and is currently hitting its highest active player numbers since launch. Don’t try to give me the “it’s like that because of the lootboxes gone” because in reality that delayed the entire progression overhaul and content additions to the game by almost a year.

Battlefront 2 is a game I paid full price for, APEX, is a free to play game, I understand the outrage about the prices but at the end of the day everyone’s blowing it way out of proportion, you literally done need to buy a thing it’s a fucking free game and nothing you buy affects gameplay.

Now if I PURCHASED the game and then did this with very high prices then I would understand the outrage since the game should already have made a substantial amount of money. But Apex is free to play, so if they are going to continue creating content, how are they supposed to fund that without any influx of money, it’s a F2P game no one is entitled to any content. That’s how any business works I simply do not understand how people are so butt hurt over this.

But no you tell me how out of touch I am when you clearly don’t know a damn thing about the economics involved.

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