Flat earther debates an actual astronomer for an hour

I've been paying close attention the the "conspiracy theory" pop culture for a very long time. I can't give one clear concise answer right now on this forum that would satisfy you, with out writing a novel. All can say from my experience is that the "conspiracy theorists" that everyone makes fun of are lead by a "truth movement" that was never genuine and never actually existed to begin with. Governments all around the globe (see what I did there) use all sorts of controlled opposition or counter intelligence programs. Everything you see from the surface has a deeper darker explanation. Don't take conspiracy theorists and flat earthers at face value. Alex Jones, for example. He has been playing a role. And both sides took the bait.

As for this douche bag DIRTH from the OP, he's just a flat out liar. AND he has developed a "flat earther meet up" app that litterally collects data from and tracks his faithful flat earth followers, LOL! Dummies. Do you think they do all this for fun OR free!!? I doubt that. Try to follow the money.

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