Fleetwood Mac concert tonight POSTPONED

Yeah it was kinda a shit show. Lids (who is contracted to run the oilers store/concert merch booths) kinda wanted to sell stuff to at least make some money because they still had to pay everyone that showed up at least for 3 hours.

At the same time though for concerts we have to count all the merch the day off, its like an 8 hour process to count and set up half a million dollars worth of merchandise. If we sold anything instead of just packing up and leaving we would have had to recount everything which is another like 4 hours at least (day crew that counts and sets up gets 8 hrs for concerts, night crew generally starts at 6pm, does the selling and then counts and packs and finishes at like 2 or 3am)

We had an employee buy something and then return it just so we didnt have to recount, but eventually they just deicded the crowds were pissed off enough and they wanted to make money so we started selling. It wasn't fleetwood mac that decided to hold off on telling people.

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