Florida- Can I stop payment on a check to a doctors office if I've been mislead?

I think the main issue that people are reacting to is that this isn't some judgment call by the doctor while looking at her entire medical history. When she got to the office, the doctor claimed that she didn't meet the age and/or # of children requirement--something she'd already asked about and was given the wrong information about. She would never have scheduled the appointment had she known the correct age requirements for this doctor.

If he declined because she was diabetic or had hemophilia, that would be one thing. But the doctor or clinic manager/owner is responsible for the behavior of his staff. This is one that could've been screened out before she even saw the doctor had the secretary behaved responsibly (or the doctor trained her properly). People aren't angry that he refused to do the procedure (for the most part). But not preparing the office staff and causing her to pay for an appt that was unnecessary is negligent.

The only thing I can think is that there are multiple doctors in the practice and the secretary just gave her the requirements for the wrong doctor.

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