Florida man forced to pay child support despite DNA test proving he is not the father

Women have a right to end pregnancy during the early stages of development,

And the Right to Abandon the child in some jurisdictions up to 5 years with no legal repercussions, and choose to adopt the child out to another family, all with out the fathers say. The father will be forced to take car of the child using threats of government violence

That's why if you think abortion is a sin

I do not think of it as a "sin" I am a Atheist, libertarian that is also pro-life. for 3 reasons

  1. The common rebuttal to male reproduction rights is "men have the right to choose not to have sex" Well if that is an acceptable standard for men, then equality under the law demands that be the acceptable standard for women
  2. I believe in the rights of the unborn person, thus once that person has developed enough under current medical technology to live outside of the female body, then it should be considered murder to terminate that pregnancy. Self Defense would apply as a defense thus if the "mothers life" was in danger termination would be "justifiable". Current medical technology that means Birth Control, "Morning after pills, and most of the 1st term would be allowed but nothing after that.
  3. I have shifted my position on #2 to largely advocte for Full on prohibition of Abortion because the tag line used to be "Safe Legal and RARE, but today it seems people want to celebrate abortion and use it as primary birth control in stead of a "last resort", I find that ethically repugnant and I do not need a fictional book written 3,000 years ago to tell me that.
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