The Florida Panthers have been eliminated from playoff contention.

Good luck telling any habs fans their team is mediocre. They are having a hard time owning the fact that Byron faught because he felt he had to to protect himself and his team. The same fans that roasted Matheson for not fighting when he fucked up that rookie from Vancouver and spent a few days suspended. He comes back and doesn't answer the bell after a dozen attempts. The habs fans roasted him. Their guy serves a suspension and then comes back and gets the upper cut of death and now they want to say he served his time.... why does he have to fight. They are a fanbase unwilling to admit they are one gigantic double standard. Good luck telling them anything. Their heads are so far up each others asses to fundamentally realize they are a decent team with great management and coaching. They are easily outmatched by most teams. They still are hanging on to the idea that they are fighting for a wild card spot. If I were them I'd be freaking out that if FL makes 2-3 moves and replaced their dead weight of a coaching staff that the habs are out on their asses for the next few seasons. Not a chance that they magically become better than Toronto, Tampa and Boston. They are only lucky to have a better record than FL. Had Florida not imploded they would be sitting in a wild card spot with ease. This team just can't seem to catch a break and their coaching staff is dumb as rocks. Honestly, with half a brain I could turn out a playoff spot for FL. This teams coaching staff and management did it to themselves.

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