Florida woman would like our trees to be removed and replaced ASAP.

I'll bet you anything, absolutely anything that woman is one of my former fuckass neighbors.

I live in Florida, and a few years ago I was living in an HOA community in West Palm. Long story short, people wanted to have the Live Oaks removed, even though it went against the by-laws. It was going to cause our energy bills to go up, it was going to hurt the local wildlife, all sorts of problems. There was a whole suit over it, after they marked the trees to be removed.

What they wanted were more palm trees. Specifically, they wanted non-native palms. This one particular woman, one who was really adamant about the trees' removal, had nine palm trees in front of her house. Nine. Palm. Trees. These people acted like it would be a problem if they moved their eyeballs around any direction without seeing a palm. The smattering of Palms wasn't enough

These people lost in court, the oaks stayed, but a few years later they ended up actually removing them.

It amazes me how people can live right on the edge of the everglades, supposedly for the nature and wildlife, yet have no respect for nature at all

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