flusha, pronax and znajder eliminate OpTic from the DH Masters Dallas Open Qualifier

He got that top 10 placement because fnatic were winning everything.

His rating doesn't matter because of what you said, that his aggressive CT side plays can change the tempo, but the entire point of the reason that wasn't considered bad was because literally 3/4 of his teammates could win the vast majority of single straight aim duels, so even when Fnatic were playing a man deficit, they could win a round. A wildcard works wonders when you have players like that, and no doubt his craziness won games and tournaments in 2015. But fnatic no longer has those players. If you want to play a loose style, great, Navi are a great example of a team that tactically is deficient yet can pull it off. Fnatic doesn't have Navi's firepower. The stats paint a picture of a player that continues to play a style that doesn't fit the team around him. And because of that, he needs to be fragging better because his team, other than Krimz, no longer has individual brilliance to win rounds. And replacing the rest of the team in order to look for better players to fit around JW is an extremely redundant strategy.

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