Flying after losing 95 pounds!

Maybe you should stop a moment and read the room. This is not the place to fat shame anyone, whether or not they have tried to or succeeded at losing weight.

The way fat people are treated is, frankly, abusive, and airlines and other people on them are some of the worst offenders. I've been mortified by my body spilling over an armrest and spent hours in absolute agony with metal digging into my sides while desperately holding in my arms and legs to try to keep them from touching the person next to me. Being embarrassed by my very existence.

Don't try to divide us into good fatties and bad fatties. We all deserve respect and space for our bodies. Blame the airlines for trying cram more passengers onto every flight and extract every possible dollar from them, not the person next to you who just wants to breathe and be left alone.

Fuck you and your judgement.

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