Is flying even worth it?

I've run afoul of PREY plenty of times and let me tell you DanielWebsterNC is one if the rare assholes I'm their ranks.

For the most part almost every PREY pilot has been respectable, or at the very least silent.

But all that is moot; right now we need to talk about you. This is coming from me so let me get you some solid advice: if you want to get better with your nosegun your gonna want to use it a while he'll of a lot more. Tomcats and Coyotes are really tempting to use in a dogfight if you have them so it may benefit you to drop them all together for a time. Between now and then you'll die a lot. But that's okay, this is Planetside, everyone dies in this game.

Gonna drop some bulletpoints for you:

  • Numbers trump skill, so pick your fights carefully. A good pilot can take out 3, 4, or hell 6 rules rookies in a row but that 7th one will get them. Two good pilots can take down the best pilot in the game so don't let someone's babe intimate you if you've got back up.

  • Lockons (Tomcats and Coyotes) are situational weapons, Tomcats are generally good at range (unless they're holding still for you) so when they're within 100m you want that nosegun. Coyotes are only good close range so switch back to the nosegun after 50m.

  • Ignore the hate tells. Seriously, ignore them (alt then right click their name) you don't need these people being able to shout in your ear. Learning to fly is frustrating enough without them.

  • Learn how to run. Killing is good, but survival is better. Aircraft preservation skills keep you in the air and fighting longer instead of sitting at the warpgate waiting on resources. More often than not you'll find that a lot of times you only got a kill because they were too focused on an ally of yours to watch their own back.

  • Learn from each and every fight. Every other pilot up there can teach you something, especially yourself. Every time you get shot down ask yourself what you did wrong, every time you take someone down ask yourself what they did wrong. Be honest with yourself and this will be the best learning tool you'll ever posses.

  • Finally ask other pilots. There are always pilots willing and eager to share their knowledge with others in game. If nothing else with members of their own faction but sine are willing to cross enemy lines to help another pilot. So don't be afraid to send a friendly tell and ask "how did you do that?"

See you in the skies.

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