So why the flying fuck are you judged by win/loss ratio in ranked match scoreboards?

Lmfao I love how everyones like "ITz COMmON KnoWLEDge IT DOn't MEaN A ThANg"

I just think after years and years of FPS games showing us our rank based on performance, K/D Or points to the objectives during that single match.

Not only that, they show individual stats like accuracy, assists, points to the objective so...

Why would Splatoon deviate from that model, especially in ranked? Where individual efforts can turn the tide or even win a match.

I agree with OP, seems lazy and then they don't even bother to display how the individuals did at the end of the game??

Where did you guys get your info on the end game rank not meaning anything, I'd like a source just so that I don't try harder at the end of each match I appear beneath my teammates.

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