Is the Flynn effect still going?

Almost without any capability of western-influenced change… they’re gonna insist on keeping the tradition of spilling the very first liquid that comes from the breast after birth. This stuff, it’s everything. It’s an antidote, a life-giver, an unparalleled unreplicable facsimile of the entire immune system of the mother. Without it you really have no immune system at all. Not benefiting at all from any how many thousands of generations of ancestors? And what head straight into the jungle, the Sahara, an impoverished village or a sweltering African metropolis? They can’t be convinced. There’s a debate about whether or not leaving them to that choice is moral. I express no opinion here.

This is so gross someone else look this up… ok I’ll I haven’t had any news on this “colostrum” thing since Covid started. Hopefully everyone has it all worked out. Chances of that?

I got comments on education in the US. It is absolutely unsatisfactory. Because local… getting sources

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