[FO4] Because the nexus and PC doesn't exist right?

I didn't say he lies at all, I'm just saying that he speaks purely from his own opinion.... which is often overblown, overhyped, filled with misinformation or just plain old biased. I mean, it's fine for him to have his own opinion but when he pushes it on others, I think it becomes a issue when people start believing what he says. It just widens the echo chamber.

Unless he is lying, either directly, through omission, or through misrepresenting facts, all you would get are his opinions, and if you agree, then what's wrong?

I'm not even arguing for a right side at all, I'm just trying to say that the backlash against what he said is overblown and way out of proportion, and people immediately took his words out of context and claimed that modders are being called hackers by the whole of Bethesda. When that was never the case.

I would agree any day of the week, about any subject, that it has been blown out of proportion. Reddit and the greater internet are awful at keeping theirselves levelheaded.

Is it really that much of a issue that they made a tweet talking about how large the response to console modding was? I mean, they're not a PC-only developer, they have just as many if not more people who play their games on console than they do on PC. I think it's great that they're getting such a massive positive response to modding on consoles.

I agree with it being a good thing, I'm in no way against console modding. I've got two nephews, each with one console or the other, and each with a copy of Fo4, and I'm happy that they'll get to play with mods.

The issue wasn't that Beth was calling attention to console modding, it was their disingenuous comparison to the PC modding launch, when PC modding is and always has been, much, much bigger on the Nexus. That is the literal extent of the complaint. If they had acknowledged that they are only talking about official tools in an obvious way and not something that seems like it would be cited as a technicality, or simply refrained from making a comparison so flawed anyway (Official mod support wasn't big on PC because unofficial had been around for a long time, and it was nothing special), there would be no problem.

They're not being manipulative just by talking about their modding platforms. They probably can't talk about third party modding sites like the Nexus because it might open up a mess of legal issues.

I highly doubt that... And they don't have to mention the nexus to make it clear that there is a community of modding bigger than their poorly walled garden.

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