[FO4] A mod that makes the effects of regular armor pieces stack with power armor

I'm with you. When it comes to carry weight, it's pretty well balanced in my opinion. When I notice I'm overencumbered, I dump things into my companion until they can't carry any more. Next time I'm overencumbered, I drop a couple of things I don't mind losing and go dump all of the spare stuff from my and my companion's inventories into a workshop (and my next perk will make it so I can still fast travel while overencumbered, so that won't even be an issue anymore). Sure a little more carry weight would be convenient, but I think it's well balanced as it is. OP might as well get a cheat mod that removes encumbrance altogether, as he obviously just doesn't want to play the game in an objectively fair manner.

Also with you on fusion cores. I'm level 60+, have about 150 hours in the game, use my Power Armor full time including jet pack, and I've got 75 Fusion Cores and rising. I do have all 3 ranks of Nuclear Powered, and with that I think the fusion core drain is actually a little too generous.

OP's entitled to his opinion, but I wish he would realize you're entitled to yours as well. Granted, you and I believing such a mod is unnecessary doesn't contribute positively to OP's issue, so he has a point there - but I don't think we're out of line trying to help OP realize that the things he's complaining about are objectively balanced, fair, and even already somewhat more convenient than they could be. I can't speak for you or OP, but personally I find that a game that is too easy isn't as much fun, and I want to do my part to help people have as fulfilling an experience they can.

But, if people want to play the game in super easy mode, I suppose that's their prerogative. It's just a shame to see the voice of reason being downvoted while OP is needlessly argumentative and condescending not only to you, but to others.

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