Focused Feedback: Gambit

Sleeper isn't even a problem if you pay attention to how many motes the other team have banked. When they're about to invade at 50 motes, which is arguably when most people are carrying 10+ motes, I just retreat back to spawn and chill and kill a few blockers from behind cover to keep busy and if the invader comes for me im confident enough in my 1v1 ability while having the advantage of knowing he has to come through a choke point at spawn to get to me.

When your primevil is up and it's endless invasions instead of standing at spawn with the rest of my team i usually stand at the other side of the map and put on a scout rifle. Most invaders concentrate on the area with most people if they're coming though with a super or sleeper a lot of the time i can pick them off as they're running towards the spawn. Just a few tips i learned from getting endlessly mapped by sleeper every single game!

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