The Folly of “Worse Regimes”. Claims of the West’s inherent moral superiority end up excusing its atrocities.

Firstly, if you're talking about the Holomodor of the 1930 in the Soviet Union, no serious scholarship accepts the coldwar hysteria figure of multiple tens of millions. RW Davies' figure of 4.6 million tends to be the most cited, with Alec Nove putting it as possibly as low as 2 million and certainly no higher than 10 million. But that's a different matter.

What the article is about is talking about some of the crimes of our own governments that are not just not burned into our consciousness, but barely even known. When Americans were asked how many people died in Vietnam, the mean answer was 100,000. This for the carpet bombing of civilian population across South East Asia which cost perhaps 3.5 million. Secondly, the crimes of the UK are barely even acknowledged. John Newsinger compares the death camps in Kenya negatively with Auschwitz, citing copious sources which prove the British buried Kenyans alive, inserted knives into females prisoners' vaginas, burned childrens faces' off for sport and a list of other attrocities on a wide scale. Caroline Elkins backs up Newsinger's claims, documenting a network of concentration camps across Kenya. David Anderson also went to interview survivors who told stories of others being doused in petrol and burned alive. And that was just Kenya. We can go on and talk about the concentration camps in Malaya where at least 10% of the entire Malay population were held, as Mark Curtis has done. The litany of appaling crimes on a vast scale goes on. The word concentration camp was even invented by the British for their camps during the Boer War.

If you add up the people that the Soviet Union killed, it pales in comparison to the amount the United States killed over the same period, and that is without attributing any of the deaths from poverty related causes across the 3rd world, which US government controlled banks and organizations were responsible for.

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