“FOMO is starting” ... still down over 50% since being listed on exchanges. Calm down

This is from a post on /biz/ from a guy claiming to work for a firm that bought 100M LINK:

Consider the trajectory of every other coin with corporate interest so far, whether it's Eth or Ripple or even Iota: each of these was made independently and during a period where crypto was relatively niche (compared to now), it was only as the technology was tested and proven and the demand witnessed that the partnerships slowly rolled in. Hence although the growth was extreme, it was also organic. LINK is being developed WITH corporate participation from the START. This is what I've tried to explain to a few people who were concerned with the slow growth and lack of marketing, this is not a situation where LINK needs to prove itself, Sergey is not some teenager who coded something in a basement because his WoW character got deleted. LINK is a very unique case because it's this overlap between decentralisation and corporate development. Which is key because bridging these things is LINK's USP. So there will be no 'take-off' phase, when a certain announcement is

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