Food banks closed, funerals postponed, cancer scans cancelled – ‘national mourning’ is getting out of hand

Not the other guy, but I think you've still missed it. (1) first comment states an excessive ('respectful') nationwide hiatus will cause deaths, which is true, (2) second comment states this applies to THREATS of strikes, which is not necessarily true, (3) third comment outlines how this isn't the case, and (4) you interjected with an argument that not giving the NHS an extra (once in 70 years) period of light service for two weeks is somehow incompatible with the desire not to overwork them.

The reasons for the upcoming strikes are manifold and exist due to decades of neglect and poor policy, strategy, and funding. Minimising the disruption caused by the seldom death of a monarch is not one of those reasons and does not materially contribute to that exploitative pattern.

Regardless of whether you think NHS strikes themselves will cause deaths, your initial argument that 'no rare extra time off = overworking' is wrong. They are not incompatible, the entire premise of the first comment is this rare extra time off is disproportionate in the first place.

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