[Food] Help with Gaining weight

I was your weight June 1st this year, same height too. Also felt like a freaking twig. Lean but not much muscle to show off. Complete bird chest.

This was my shake:

1.0 cups milk 0.5-1.0 cups greek yougurt 1.0 tbsp peanut butter 2.0 tbsp Flaxseed/Chia Seed/Ground Almonds(preffered) 1-2 Boiled eggs 1 tbsp Chocolate (melted from chocolate chips) 1-2 Bananas

About 1,200-1,500 cal for breakfast. The eggs sound gross but the peanut butter alone is enough to mask them.

I got up to 156 by July 7th. But I was also eating a 800-1,300 cal for lunch and dinner and having snacks in between.

I also biking 10-15 miles per weekday (burning 500-800 calories) and 25-28 miles Saturday and Sunday (burning 1,500-1,600 calories). In addition to strength training.

My goal was to gain weight in my muscles fast and burn off as much of the fat as I was consuming as possible.

Honestly very satisfied with my results, getting more looks from women and my confidence is higher than ever. Also much more fit than I was previously. Is this healthy to continue long term?

I honestly don't know, after all I gained 15lbs in little more than a month. But my pecs have defenition

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