Food prices will rise in the new year. That is the reality of Brexit

This sub doesn't get it, Brexit was like a Flight 93 moment where so much of the population felt helpless and once they had an opportunity to charge the cockpit to grab control and attempt a different outcome, they took it and won.

They do not regret it, they won, they will have sovereignty. They now want to see what happens and nothing anyone can say or do will change that until it happens. They will accept a smaller economy, they will accept hardship, a recession because they care about the long term and are willing to give 5-10 years to see how it goes.

I once asked this sub if Remainers should offer concessions to Brexiteers in order to remain in the EU only to be told a flat out "No". Remainers lost every vote that mattered but still continued their arrogance by continually ignoring Brexiteers concerns thinking you all knew best and that you'd eventually win but in the end, it was a decisive victory for Brexiteers.

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