[food] Recipe book recommendations for meal planning? Joe Wicks any good?

Put water on to boil.

Cut a medium clove of Garlic, and similiar size on ginger finely.

Cut half an onion, one carrot, half a green pepper and add evenly sized brocolli flowers to the same quantity as the carrot.

Water boiling? Throw one to two cakes of noodles into boil.

Turn heat on for wok.

Cut half a chicken breast, cover in salt and pepper

Take noodles out likely done, put in colander.

Cover bottom of wok in rice bran oil, and a bit of sesame oil, enough to get it 0.5cm high of oil.

Throw garlic, and ginger in first than chicken straight after. Let fry for 30 seconds after flipping in wok.

Add onions and carrots flip, and let sit for 30 seconds.

Add green pepper and broccoli, flip and let sit for a minute.

Add noodles, evenly space them out by flipping.

Get soy sauce, rice wine vinnegar, and sweey chilli.

Cover meal in near equal amount of all three, enough to cover the stir fry, but avoid excess pooling. Let sit for 30seconds-1 minute.

Take out, eat.

Prep time 5-30 minutes depending on knife speed.

Cook time ~7-10 minutes.

Cool enough to eat ~3 minutes.

Cheap, tasty, get your veggies about ~1000 cals.

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