Foot fetishists of Reddit: how did you find your solemate?

I really think I have an incredible story. I have a very strong foot and tickling fetishes. Second date she was laying on my couch and I sat down by her feet. In a quite tone she says "I like feet rubs.” About 15 seconds later she was barefoot and getting them rubbed. She then proceeds to ask if she can rub mine and yes,I'm a man.

Our next date we are getting intimate and I have a personal policy when things start to get physical; I'm upfront with both of my fetishes. I don't want to waste time for anyone or become emotionally invested just to find out we won't work out because of my kinks and I'm not willing to settle at all with them.

So things are getting going and I tell her; I'm really into feet and tickling, I hope she didn't mind me rubbing her feet without her knowing. Her eyes got big and she tells me wow, she loves tickling and loves having her feet touched and none of her past partners would do either. Fast forward a bit and she wasn't kidding; best tickler I've ever experienced in my life and like myself can take an unlimited amount of ticking. Most early sessions last a few minutes. After she gave me my first tickling session with her as my tickler she asked for her own. We went over 30 minutes. I kept giving her breaks every few minutes asking if she was done and she kept saying no. It's how I knew this was 100% real, not someone just being into me. We rub each other's feet almost every night, often doing much more. You know how people sneak up and give their partners kisses on their neck to surprise them? Yeah that’s us except it’s kisses on our feet.

People don't have to get it, but I think anyone could appreciate finding a partner who shares not just one but both of the same fetishs you do, one of which is very rare for women.

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