'Football Leaks' reveals the reason for the transfer of Carrasco to China

Deepl Translation:

The sale of Yannick Carrasco, from Atlético de Madrid, to Chinese Dalian Yifang is one of the most unexpected in recent years. Football Leaks', a web portal that has specialised for months in the publication of confidential contracts related to the world of football, has shed some light on this issue in an information published by the Belgian newspaper 'De Standaard'.

According to these leaks, "in 2015, the footballer's agent, Christophe Henrotay, organised the sale of Yannick Carrasco, from AS Monaco to Atlético de Madrid. This last club guaranteed a credit from banks and international institutions worth 97 million dollars, with the player's rights". Furthermore, according to this information, "Monaco assumed that Carrasco would be sold again within two years (as it ended up doing) with the result that the Principality's team reserved 25% of the subsequent sale, while 5% of this new purchase price was destined for Henrotay".

According to the 'Football Leaks' documents, Atlético de Madrid had contracted loans from an investment company linked to the Canadian pension service, the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB). According to the newspaper that has echoed this leak, the use of Carrasco as a guarantee is a formula that is close to what is known as 'third-party property' (or TPO) expressly banned by FIFA in 2015 because it would de facto mean that someone other than a football club - whether an individual or an investment fund - would have part of a football player and that is something that once caused excesses, hence the body's passage through them.

According to the media, both Monaco and the player's agent saw Carrasco "not only as a human being, but as an investment" with which they could earn several million more. On 26 February 2018, the Belgian signed Dalian Yifang of the Chinese Super League, the country's most modest club, which had just regained status. The Chinese group Wanda, which gives its name to the Atletico stadium and with which the club maintains a sponsorship, had sold its 17 per cent stake in Atletico just two weeks earlier. Shortly afterwards, the company took over the Dalian Yifang club in their own country, and Wanda herself bought Carrasco from the Spanish capital at the same time. From the foregoing, it is understood that the sale of the Belgian and Gaitan would respond to the need to settle accounts and repay terms of the loan unveiled by Football Leaks.

The aforementioned Belgian newspaper includes in its information that it would have contacted all the parties, Herotay, Monaco and presumably also Atlético, who would have defended the clean-up of the operations revealed by Football Leaks. The site - whose authors declare themselves Portuguese and remain anonymous - was born in September 2015 under the premise of promoting transparency in football, although its critics accuse them of having accessed the papers through computer attacks and trying to blackmail those affected.

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