For the atheists', does your disbelief stem from a lack of sound theology? I always thought that most people who consider themselves to be atheists' has never read the bible..

I’ve read the Bible more and consumed more Christian apologetic content as an atheist than I did when I was a Christian going to Christian schools my entire life. And I still haven't heard a convincing theology that the all powerful God of the Bible is true.

But my main reason for disbelief is if we can’t 100% distinguish our own thoughts vs God’s voice, why should we believe that ALL of the Bible authors could? Read the Bible the same way you would as the Quran or Book of Mormon, and the “divinity” will slowly fall away and you can see why these things were written.

To me, no argument can answer things like: why only reveal yourself to a small group of people? Why not reveal yourself to all of humanity in the same way? Imagine if God had revealed himself as Yahweh to Moses and someone in China, and Africa, and South America at the same time with the same set of rules and commands? That would be a miracle and hard to explain away naturalistically how disconnected people all have word for word writings from a God called Yahweh that all date to 1600 BCE, for example...

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