"for CHINESE only" kinda triggers me. What's your opinion tho?

From a moral standpoint I gotta say it really sucks. From a business standpoint... I get it.

Think of it this way, if you have a property available for lease and you know that there's a market and the opportunity for it to be leased at 3-5 times the average value/sqm and with the entire duration of contract paid for in advance.

However, knowing that others are doing it too and that not doing the same thing isn't really gonna change anything cuz there will be others who are gonna bite into it regardless of your decision and that you'll just end up missing the opportunity is most likely the reason why we're seeing this. And I commend those who decide to stand strong in their principles and morals.

Does it it trigger me? Well yeah, it triggers me in the sense that they have to put "For Chinese Only" instead of just making it available for everyone. I don't understand why a landlord has to specify that it's only for the Chinese. If you're planning to lease your property at such outrageous rates then just do it, you don't have to put "For Chinese Only" like it's some kind of a free pass like "Hey! I'm leasing this place for 250k even though it's actual value is just around 50k but since it's only for the Chinese it's okay right?". That's just being a pussy IMO.

Nonetheless, the real estate industry is harsh. This is a display of how harsh it can be. That's why when you hear people talk about a sale or a lease they would always be straightforward "I want this" "I want that" etc.

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