For female comic book fans: Do you think that sexism is a major problem in comic book art these days?

I think there's still a major problem with sexism in society so I'm not some raving misogynist but absolutely not when it comes to art. There's nothing misogynistic about straight men liking to look at attractive women and I think that this push to say there is and banish that sort of art from the medium is a manifestation of a puritan strain of feminism, the same sort of distorted version of feminism that gave us SWERFs, TERFs and all men are rapists.

The fact is that the vast majority of American comics are read by men and most men are straight. We don't say that gay men are being misandrist because of Tom of Finland drawings, it's the same principle here. People like looking at attractive members of the sex they're attracted to and that's fine.

If you want to make comics more inclusive for women I think the solution is to actually write comics for women. It's really not been proven that cape books can sell in a huge way with women but you know what does have a great track record? Slice of life stuff like Zot! and Strangers in Paradise, which I think we'd need more of even if the demographic makeup of comics fans was 50/50.

It's similar to the debate over LGBT or racial/ethnic minority representation. The conversation is always framed as "how can we make superhero comics as they exist today more appealing to and inclusive for these groups without actually doing anything differently" and that's a losing approach.

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