For the few non-Americans that still don’t know what the hell is going on.

Those outside groups seriously need to fuck off and not create a bigger issue than what already exists. They’re interfering with the protestors that are peaceful and have good cause. I’ve already heard about people getting shot during these riots. I’ve also heard about people blocking cars in traffic and assaulting officers who are just trying to do their jobs. Seriously, that’s too far. Burning down buildings and destroying public property in general ruins more lives by taking jobs from plenty of people, a lot of whom are black.

I’m all for a peaceful protest, but putting innocent lives at risk is something I refuse to support. Also, people shouldn’t take their anger out on every officer present. Generalizing an entire group of people over the actions of a few is complete bullshit. Most officers are good people who genuinely do good for their communities. They don’t deserve the hate that those few racist and power-hungry asshole cops do.

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