For the first time, scientists show that psychedelic substances: psilocybin, ketamine and LSD, leads to an elevated level of consciousness, as measured by higher neural signal diversity exceeding those of normal waking consciousness, using spontaneous magnetoencephalographic (MEG) signals.

I also struggle with depression and for a week or more after a single use of LSD I experienced practically no symptoms. It wouldn't surprise me at all if these drugs are causing permanent or long-term changes to their brain. That may even be why they're potentially effective for treating mental illness.

Just want to agree via more anecdotal evidence. I would never suggest any does or does not try LSD, as it is their personal decision and may factors are at play.

That being said, aside from the immensely eye-opening experience that is the trip itself, I too, usually experience an overwhelmingly positive "afterglow" for at least a week each trip. I too, struggle with depression, and am suddenly free of most inhibiting symptoms during this time. I feel more energetic, open, and generally positive during this time. I'm not suggesting that it's a cure or treatment in any way, but rather simply agreeing that it seems to actually alter brain function, vs just intoxicating it briefly.

I often wish I could just experience the effects of the "afterglow" without the "chore" of the trip. Microdosing can sometimes offer this, with a general boost in mood and perception without feeling "altered."

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