[For Hire] I need $90 to cover the emergency same-day vet visit fee for my dog. I can draw animals and landscapes, I'm open to anything really.

I posted here a little while ago taking commissions to help with my dog's heart medication. He's been doing really well lately since his meds were adjusted and he's been seeing a cardiologist. However, today I need to get him in ASAP because he has a loose tooth. He's 13 years old and being put under for a dental doesn't seem wise because he has heart failure. I'm not sure how this appointment is going to look financially but I need to somehow cover the $90 fee at least for getting him seen today. He's in a lot of pain and he'd have to wait until Saturday for an opening. I'm not comfortable making him wait that long which is why I'm hoping I can earn some money with art to help cover what I need. Thank you so much for reading <3

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