For Iwata

You know, these system codenames always change, no matter how cool they are. I kept that in mind when Mr Iwata passed away, then thought about how nice it would be if Nintendo payed tribute to the man behind so many fun memories the Nintendo Iwata. Nintendo fans would immediately recognize the significance of the name, and the more mainstream/casual audience would come to know the significance of it. Besides, it rolls off the tongue very similar to Nintendo Wii and much more natural than Wii U.

I don't know, I've had a gut feeling that this system might be a return to glory for Nintendo. I'm not even talking about Wii or N64 glory, but NES/Super NES levels of glory. Just a gut feeling. It's like they've going at this creative innovation thing for twenty years now, instead of just making a console with leading technology, with a controller, with AAA games. I'm holding out hope that they're finding the fine line between hardware innovations and a AAA library composed of more than just first-party games. Enter Ubisoft, saying what a fantastic system this is going to be. Say what you want about Ubisoft, but when a company that powerful in the gaming market is saying that, it bodes well.

Cannot wait to see what this thing is all about and ultimately what it's gonna be called.

Finally, cool to see that some others had the same idea for the system name. If a few of us were thinking the same, maybe someone in the Big N thought of it too?

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