For a legit HVM, what does he get out of dating an FDS woman? What's in it for him?

Aye, FDS lurker (and occasional poster here.)

I’m 23, not old.

You nailed this one unfortunately, but I’m working on my weight. Be kind please :c

Basically have a 6th grade education, never worked, bad leg, migraines, depression, crippling anxiety.

Nailed this one too, unfortunately.

What I’m looking for in a man isn’t some. Pure billionaire who’s gonna just pamper me and treat me like a queen. I want to be Loved, and Valued. Not for my body, not for Assets, but just for me. I want someone that’ll make me feel Good about myself and that we can work towards goals and a future together. I want someone who looks at me and sees someone worth something. Because it took some work for me to be able to say this, but you know what? I matter, and I deserve to be treated like I do. I deserve a partner who’ll Respect me and my boundaries, won’t make fun of my interests, whos overall just a good person. Income? Can be shitty. We dont need to be rich to be happy. And yes, he can read/watch porn. Though, I prefer written/drawn erotica, as Porn is heavily tangled with sex trafficking and such, and I’d Prefer he do the same, but if you’re a good person, porn isn’t going to make me hate you.

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