for sale by owner options

The seller is the one who pays the commission for both sides. The standard rate is usually 6% which honestly isn't that much. That 6% is usually split either 3.5% to the listing agent (seller's agent) and 2.5% to the buyer's or 3%/3%. That 3% is then usually on a 70/30 or 80/20 (depending on the agent's agreement with his broker). Then the agent has to pay taxes on that remaining 2.4% which brings their total take to not even 2%.

If you're set on doing this yourself, remember to disclose, disclose, and disclose again anything and everything you can about the property. There are standard forms you can usually purchase which list off the usual disclosures you need depending on what you are selling. Is there a loud plane that flies over every morning at 8am and a freight train that blares its horn at 5am? Got a really troublesome neighbor? Disclose it. Otherwise you could land yourself in court as it is material to the true value of the property.

You will want to offer some kind of commission to the buyer's agent, otherwise buyer agents will stay away from even showing your home. Is it against the Realtor code of ethics? Yup, but this is one of those unprovable things. A buyer agent won't steer a client to your home if his take will be 0%. If you aren't listing on an MLS then it's unlikely the buyer agent will even be aware of your property and that it is for sale. Don't limit yourself to Zillow or Trulia.

You will also want to contact a local title/escrow company to handle escrow for you. There are numerous ones around the area and they all charge a fee to process the transaction. You won't escape without paying something here.

Source: I'm a former Realtor who left because the profession is mindnumbingly boring and ridiculously saturated.

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